Where to go swimming in Copenhagen

Where to go swimming in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is a city that is defined by light and water, and there is no better way to really get under the skin of this place than to immerse yourself into one of the many swimming opportunities that the city offers.

Not only is swimming a great way to keep fit and get some exercise while you are travelling, it is also a great way to get a different perspective on the Danish capital and live life like the locals.

In this article we take a look at some of the best swimming options offered by Copenhagen.

Bellahøj Swimming Stadium

Copenhagen’s main swimming center is the dramatically modern Bellahøj Swimming Stadium. Featuring indoor as well as outdoor swimming pools, this is a stadium designed for international standard swimming. This is where you will find the Danish national team training, as well as local water polo players. The stadium is easily accessible by public transport, or it is a short taxi ride from the center of town. Like all swimming pools in Scandinavia, they are quite strict on hygiene here, so the chlorine levels are low and the water quality is high.

Dive into the harbor

If you are visiting the Danish capital during the summer months, and the weather is warm, then the ideal way to get some exercise is to go for a swim in the Copenhagen Harbor. The water here in the harbor is surprising clear and fresh, and the locals love to swim in its waters. To assist those wanting to swim, the Copenhagen Harbor Authority has created a number of dedicated swimming pontoons – complete with jumping platforms and watchful lifeguards. The most popular swimming pontoon can be found at Islands Brygge which is easily accessible by public transport. It is here at Islands Brygge that all of the locals come to sunbake and catch-up with friends while they enjoy the sunshine.

Ironman Copenhagen

If you fancy putting yourself to the test, then why not consider entering Copenhagen’s iron-man competition. This is a classic triathlon event, with a swim-leg of 3.8 km, a cycle leg of 180 km, and a run of 42.2 – undoubtedly testing your physical and mental strengthened capacity. Held annually each August, this is an event that will take a bit of training for. The swim leg for this event is held at the Amager Beach Park. The cycling course takes you into the countryside of Northern Sealand, while the fun section brings you back into the city center, along the waterfront of Copenhagen’s harbor before finishing the race in the Christiansborg Palace Square.

Where to stay

The ideal way to immerse yourself in the day-to-day life of the city of Copenhagen is to look for a private rental or the Copenhagen serviced apartments. This will give you kitchen facilities so that you can prepare some of your own meals. Not only is this a great way to stretch your budget further, but also gives you the experience of shopping in local grocery stores and navigating the neighborhood in which you are staying.

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