Traveling Safely With Your Pet – Get A Harness

Traveling Safely With Your Pet – Get A Harness

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Walking the dog is not always a pleasant experience, and as a pet owner, you will identify with this. Some dogs have a reputation of pulling the walker along the way, unless the concerned human has enough control on the behavior. In most cases, pet owners are concerned that the dog might choke on the collar. So, what’s the solution? Well, for most dog trainers, a harness is the best solution for all walking problems. If you intend to travel with your dog anytime soon, you need to get a harness at the earliest. Here’s a close look at the benefits and tips on buying one.

Benefits at a glance

If you are traveling, you dog will see new places and people, and it is not unnatural for him to run behind things that move. A harness will allow better control on the animal, especially if you are unsure of your pet’s behavior. Harnesses are any day better than collars, especially when it comes to smaller dogs. Small breeds have very sensitive neck, and even a slight pull can cause an injury. With a good harness, you can avoid all that. When you are traveling in a car with your dog, the harness can be good for anyone sitting on the rear, who’s trying to control the animal. In case the pet is traveling by air, you will still need a sturdy harness to ensure that the pet is safe.

What’s the best option?

Looking for the best dog harness? Well, the answer is dependent on many factors. If you have a small breed dog, any standard harness should be more than enough, while for large dogs; a no-pull harness is the best pick. A no-pull harness is designed in a way to fasten, in case the dog tries to pull. As the harness fastens, it will put pressure on the front armpits of the dog, which will create a shock and the pet will stop moving.

Before you buy a harness, make sure that you measure the torso and neck of your pet. Also, buy a product that’s made of quality materials, so the dog doesn’t develop skin issues. As for the brand, you will find many sites where there are detailed reviews. Do ensure that the size isn’t too tight for your dog. A size bigger might be a better idea, especially if you have a dog that’s prone to neck injuries.


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