Top 5 RV Fishing Trips For Spring

Top 5 RV Fishing Trips For Spring

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Spring is a great season for fishing. The sun is out, but the weather is still cool, and you can enjoy being outdoors without suffering too much. If you’re a fishing fanatic, you may want to consider taking a road trip to top fishing spots in an RV rental. What better way to enjoy the season and your favorite pastime?

Because the weather is still cool, you can spend plenty of time outside without worrying about the heat. As fishing is an experience that requires patience, you will want to take advantage of being able to be on a boat or near the water without concern. With such gorgeous weather, who wouldn’t want to jump in their RV rental and start road tripping to the best fishing areas in the country?

To help you get started with places that you can visit, below you’ll find top destinations for fishing in the spring. With the U.S. as beautiful and as large as a country as it is, you will have plenty of great lakes, oceans, and rivers to choose from.

1.Florida: As a state that has plenty of water surrounding it and in it, it’s no surprise that it has an abundance of fishing opportunities. Lone Key State Park is a favorite spot for those who are all about relaxing by the beach and fishing whenever the mood strikes. It faces the Atlantic Ocean. For those who want some Gulf of Mexico fishing, head on over to Sarasota, where you can catch redfish or trout, and even dorado. Key West is not only a great destination for fishing tarpon and tuna, but it’s also ideal for spending some time relaxing in the sunshine. For catching bass or catfish, Lake Kissimmee is ideal. A good thing about a Florida fishing trip is that you can enjoy all types of fishing, from freshwater to salt water.

2.Hawaii: Hawaii may be famous for surfing and beautiful beaches, but it also boasts of some excellent fishing spots. Ka Lae is definitely a big deal for fishermen visiting Hawaii with snapper ulua a favorite and popular catch in the area. If you want to fish while kayaking, Makena Landing is ideal for fishing, kayaking, and snorkeling fun. If you’re looking for unique species, not found just anywhere, make sure to visit Oahu while in the gorgeous state of Hawaii.

3.Alaska: There is a reason why there are several commercial fish companies catching fish in Alaskan waters. It’s a place that is well-known for being rich in an abundance of delectable species. Kenai River is a definitely must for those who want to catch King salmon and other great species. Of course, if you don’t want to be surrounded by many people thinking of doing the exact same thing, you may decide to try out Kodiak Island. There you can expect to find Coho Salmon. Kobok River is where you can expect to find a large and easy-to-catch species, the Sheefish. If what you are looking for are big game fish, one thing is certain; Alaska is the place to go.

4.Texas: You may not think of Texas as being the best spot for fishing, but you may be surprised. For example, Caddo Lake is a popular spot for those who want to fish on a natural lake and find fish like crappie or sunfish, as well as white bass. Not only is it a great place for catching popular fish species, but it’s also a gorgeous area to admire. If you’re visiting Austin-as you very well should-Guadalupe River is certainly a great spot for some Rio Grande perch and trout.

5. Michigan: There are an abundance of destinations for fishing in Michigan, but one that stands out is Hubbard Lake. It isn’t the largest lake in the state, but you’ll be sure to find a broad variety of fish species. From Smallmouth bass to yellow perch, gar, and walleye, there is no shortage of variety for you to enjoy catching. Saginaw Bay is also a popular destination for those in search of perch. If you want to find unique species, go on up to St. Mary’s River to find some giant muskellunge. 

Whether you travel down south for some Key West fishing or take your trip up north to Michigan, you can be sure that the U.S. has plenty of fantastic places for fishing fanatics. You can choose a state to road trip throughout or try to see as many destinations as possible.

If you are thinking of doing a spring road trip to enjoy the weather, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of being able to be outdoors. Pack up your RV rental with the essentials for fishing and enjoy seeing what the U.S. has to offer. From game fishing to leisurely experiences, there are plenty of destinations that will be sure to suit your preferences.

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