Gir Wildlife Sanctuary – An Ideal Wildlife Destination

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary – An Ideal Wildlife Destination

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Gir Park is a well-liked name within the listing of forest reserves in India. It is situated in Gujarat and it is 64 km from Junagarh. It had been established having a motive to safeguard the Asiatic lions. Since its establishment in 1965, the park houses 2,375 types of fauna. You can observe here around 400 rare types of plants. Aside from Asiatic lions, you may also see a number of other rare creatures for example pangolin, ruddy mongoose, ratel, civets and paradise flycatcher.


The objective of creating the sanctuary ended up being to safeguard the lion population. Around 1913, a clear, crisp loss of the amount of lions was observed. Progressively, the problem improved now it houses many lions.

Attractions of Gir Park


Besides Asiatic lions, you will find around 210 leopards live inside the forest area. You may also see creatures like sambar, chowsingha, chinkara, woodpeckers, flamingos, nilgai and crested serpent eagles.


The forest has much to provide to individuals, who’re the admirers of nature. It’s a joint deciduous forest with acacia, teak and banyan trees. Vacationers may also see distinguished belt of plant life. It’s found across the rivers and small streams from the area. Nature enthusiasts may also see a number of broad-leaved species like jambu, kalam, amli, vad and charal.

Jeep Safaris

Jeep safaris would be the preferred of numerous travelers, who’re thrilled with the idea of a trip within the wilds. The permit is disseminated with this in the Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge office. Viewing the roaming creatures by jeep safari is a superb fun.

Nalsarovar Lake and Sanctuary

The forest area also offers this famous attraction, where one can see many wild birds like peacocks, plant quail, parrot, flamingo and pied woodpecker. You may also go to a temple of Lord Krishna there.

Lion Shows

The forest department takes initiatives to conduct the interesting lion shows, that are extremely popular among visitors. It’s arranged on weekly. It provides vacationers an chance to determine the creatures from the close range.

Time for you to Visit

Vacationers can click on the park from November to June.

How you can Achieve there

By Air

Keshod may be the nearest airport terminal, 90-km via Veraval. Vacationers could possibly get regular flights from Mumbai to Keshod.

By Rail

The closest railheads to Gir are Junagarh and Talala.

By Road

You are able to catch condition transport buses, offered by Junagarh and Veraval towards the place.

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