For A Magical Wedding and Honey Money, Bali Is the Destination

For A Magical Wedding and Honey Money, Bali Is the Destination

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Bali is a true definition of paradise for any couple looking for a wedding destination. Some of the best places to have your wedding are Ubud and Uluwatu and then go on honeymoon to another location like Gili and Lombok. Bali Island gives something you will never forget especially with The Seven Agency wedding packages.

You get accommodation in beautiful hotels with a romantic atmosphere. The beaches are not crowded, and you enjoy local cuisine in lively restaurants. The people here have a distinct culture, and they are all friendly. If you want to shop, malls and markets are easily accessible, and for outdoor activities, there are mountains, jungles, and rice paddies. The only time you may not enjoy a wedding here is between November and March because it’s a rainy season. With the help of The Seven Agency, you can get fantastic wedding packages.

For a honeymoon, Gili and Lombok islands are the most fabulous places. In Gili, there are no cars, and you can sleep peacefully without any screeching breaks and hooting startling you. People use carriages drawn by horses, and it cost about $7. It is possible to find a private beach and have fun with your lover.

Lombok has the most beautiful romantic hotels. They are tantalizing and feel heavenly being there for honeymoon. There are also outdoor activities including snorkeling and site seeing. You can use a local guide for easy movement around the island.

You can also check out Seminyak. This is an exotic honeymoon destination which is only half an hour from the nearest airport. It is full of life with incredible nightlife. You can also enjoy the beach and surfing. It is the home for all you want for a romantic honeymoon.

The Seven Holiday can give you a package where you combine your honeymoon in Seminyak, Gili, and Lombok; you get a taste of three destinations without robbing the bank.

What makes your wedding and honeymoon successful in Bali?

Planning a wedding is an intricate process and takes a dedicated team to make your wedding perfect. While Bali is a beautiful destination, it takes an expert to put ideas together and make an artistic wedding. The Seven Agency can organize the following:

  • A hidden wedding on the beach
  • A wedding by the waterfalls
  • Royal Balinese wedding

A wedding held at Bali is a real celebration and opens up an exciting romantic getaway for the couple. You will cherish every minute spent here. The beautiful and majestic background combined with clear skies gives you a flawless wedding. Your wedding photos will look like an image from a wedding magazine.

You choose where you want the wedding to be held after seeing photos of previous events. Your guest will be surprised by Bali’s seductive look, and they will get into a holiday mood. The endless unfolding activities of Bali will keep them excited and busy each they spend here. It is a real escape and safe destination from urban stress and gives everyone peaceful moments to relax.

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