Cool Offbeat Places Near Pune

Cool Offbeat Places Near Pune

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Neither in the north and not exactly in the south also, the city of Pune and its people reflect just that. Full of life, with a young and lively crowd dominating the streets, Pune is simply an awesome place to set foot in. But for the people already there, and that feel the need to explore, here’s a list of offbeat places near the city.


Only 195 km from Pune, this beach town is absolutely spectacular. Known for housing about 40% nests of sea turtles in the coastal regions of Maharashtra, Velas is a great opportunity to witness baby sea turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean. Truly an unforgettable sight, Velas has many more sights to see and check out and awesome beaches to chill out at. Get packing, and give this awesome place a shot.


About 40 clicks from Pune, Bedse Caves contain super cool monuments that are roughly 2200 years old! The road to these caves are narrow, and although you could travel through them with a car, going there with a bike will definitely be more suitable. And now with various online bike rental companies coming up, it’s fairly easy to rent a Honda Activa from Pune or any other cruiser bikes for those that do not personally own any.



Around 134 km from the city of Pune, the area of Thosegar holds some of the most magnificent waterfalls in all of Maharashtra. Ranging from 15 meters in height to a staggering 500 meters, the waterfalls in these areas are a bold sight to behold. Around 20 clicks from Satara, Thosegar is truly a place to visit and behold.


Situated around 280 km from Pune, this place is what defines the word breath-taking. Filled with a rural environment, the serenity found here is of a rare kind. One of the main sights to see in Dehna is the gathering of fireflies at night. A pretty unique experience, it fills the beholder with joy and calm. Go give it visit, it is a hundred percent worth your time.



Just 60 km from Pune, trekking is what this place is basically known for. Purandar Fort is located at an amazing height of 4472 feet and is a great place to spend the day trekking and picnicking at the fort. Get there by renting a Royal Enfield online in Pune as the roads leading to the fort are amazing. The full view of the city of Pune is also visible from the top of the fort, which is pretty cool. Try heading over there, you will definitely enjoy.

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